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Our Offer

What we can offer you

HSE training courses for companies

we provide introductory and periodic trainings. If you’re hiring new workers or if your current employees require a periodic training, our experienced instructors will take care of it.

HSE Staff

Qualified HSE staff, who can fill your HSE positions, working as an outside expert.

HSE servicing of companies

ou need more than just the training courses if you’re employing people. We will prepare all the necessary documents! Assessing occupational hazards, HSE manuals… contact us and you’ll never have to bother with these things again.

First aid training courses

every company is required to have a designated person who can provide first aid. Choose an employee, contact us and we will take care of the rest!

Construction site HSE supervision

Our specialty. Since 2013 we have been working as HSE inspectors and experts on construction sites in Poland. In 2017 we have started providing this abroad.
As part of providing supervision of your construction site we can:

Prepare HSE documentation for the project, incl. a Safety and Health Protection Plan (BiOZ), Safe Work Instructions (IBWRs), Occupational Hazard Assessments (ORZs)
Conduct HSE briefings – Toolbox talks and
Conduct safety audits
Report HSE compliance to the site managers
Control the documentation of construction workers, machines (inspection documents, validity of UDT / TDT permits) and chemical substances (SDS cards)
Conduct site inspections
Constant oversight of HSE observance on the construction site

PN – N 18001:2004 HSE Management System

We can prepare external audits for your organization
Are you planning to implement the norm in your company? We can help you develop the procedures
We provide support with verifying the procedures comprising your management system

HSE services experts